Get 50 free MP3s with the offer from the Telegraph and eMusic.

The free earphones deal is only available for the first 500 people, and by the time you click on the link above the free headphnes will have probably gone, but you can still get 50 free MP3s to download. eMusic are the UK’s leading digital music club with a choice of over 8 million tracks. All of eMusic’s tracks are in MP3 format so they’ll they work on all devices and never expire.

When you go for the 50 free MP3 downloads in the offer, you’ll have to sign up for one of their monthly packages, but you can cancel this during the 14 day free trial period, or when you have used up your 50 track (£21) credit. You get to keep the MP3s downloaded during the trial, and if you liek their service, then stay subscribed for more great music every month.