Save up to £60 on the Jean Patrique 5 piece Frying Pan Set with the special offer. The 5 pans normally cost £59.99 but you can pick them up from £29.99 when you buy direct.

The prices are ‘from’ as the £29.99 price from the advert is when you buy two sets of frying pans. If you want just one set then the price is £39.99 whic is still a good price. The pans are made from high grade ceramic coated aluminium with silicon coated handles. The ceramic coating means that they can be used with metal utesnsils and according to the advert, ‘far superior’ to older style non-stick pans.

Jean Patrique are willing to bet that you’ll love these pans so much that they will refund your purchase if you don;t like them and want to return them, with no questions asked. There wil be some terms and conditions to this returns policy and you should check them at before committing to buy.