vanquis.co.uk/card/thestar credit card

Vanquis bank could be the stepping stone you need to a new start and a better credit history. The vanquis.co.uk/card/thestar offer is for a Vanquis credit card with a easy to manage credit limit between £150 and £1000, with the possibility of credit limit increases on your 4th statement, and further increases every 4 months up to £3,000. The typical APR for the vanquis.co.uk/card/thestar credit card offer is £39.9% PR variable, and the interest rate you;re offered may be different, it all depends on your circumstances.

Apply today and see if Vanquis can help you get a credit card. They’ve already accepted over 1 million people, and the could help you to.

There are similar offers running the Mirror ~ vanquis.co.uk/card/themirror and the Sun nespapers ~ vanquis.co.uk/card/thesun

This review was posted on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 and the offer details may have changed or ended since writing or updating. Check the company website for up to date information on offers.

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