The Tocco Ultra is one of latest phones from Samsung, and is sure to be a big hit given the big networks are promoting it quite hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of touch screen phones, or slide out qwerty keyboards as the Samsung Tocco Ultra has both! The auto rotate touch screen is very easy to use and a great way to browse the internet, or flick through your photos. Time to text or send an email? Just slide out the qwerty keypad and start to type. The Tocco Ultra has the best of both worlds all in one phone.

What special offers are available at the moment ?

  • Tocco Ultra most popular deal
  • most popular deal
    • £30 a month
    • Free tocco ultra
    • 700 minutes
    • 250 texts

The Samsung Tocco Ultra also lets you snap some amazing photos with it’s 8 mp camera, so who needs to carry a digital camera any more when you’ve got the ToccoUltra. Depending on your mobile internet deal you can easily add your photos to Facebook, Bebo, MySpace or send it by email. Not content with all those features? The Tocca Ultra also has Mobile Jukebox to keep your music close while you;re on the move.

Key features

  • Touch screen
  • Slide out keyboard
  • 8mp digital camera
  • Mobile Jukebox
  • GPS

More Special Offers

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