You can now buy an XBox 360 console, FIFA 11 and any Bargain Chart game for just £159 from Tesco. The Bargain Chart games include the popular titles ‘Halo ODST’, ‘Assassins Creed II’ and ‘Fallout 3’.

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The £159 price tag is great value when you consider that the individual prices at Tesco come to much more than £159. The console costs £145, FIFA 11 £39.70,  and the cheapest of the Bargain Chart games is £16, making the total price just over £200. Save £40 on this great XBox 360 bundle deal from Tesco. Don’t buy until you see the deal from mazon below!

How does this compare to the prices from Amazon? The same bundle would cost £155 from Amazon and their deal comes with a free HDMI cable allowing you to connect to your HD TV. The Amazon budle includes the XBox 360 4GB console, free HDMI cable, free copies of Crackdown 2 and Forza Motorsport 3, and FIFA 11 or Medal of Honor for £10. See the Amazon Bundle Deal