Tesco wine deals are on now with 3 bottles for £12 from a selected range of wine. Some of the wines at the bottom of the list are £4.79 so buying 3 for £12 won’t be much of a saving, but if you like Jacobs Creek or First Cape wines, you can get 3 bottles for £12 rather than the £21 old total.

Click here for the Tesco 3 for £12 Wine Offer

The 3 for £12 offer is from Tesco Groceries rather than Tesco Wines, so to buy online, click on the link above.

Wines in the tesco 3 for £12 offer

First Cape Limited Release Chenin Blanc75cl £7.49
First Cape Limited Release Merlot 75Cl £7.49
First Cape Limited Release Shiraz Rose 75Cl £7.49
Jacobs Creek 3 Vines Semillon Sauvignon Viognier 75Cl
Jacobs Creek Chardonnay 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Grenache Shiraz 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Semillon Chardonnay 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Semillon Sauvignon 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Shiraz 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Shiraz Rose 75Cl £6.99
Jacobs Creek Tempranillo 75Cl £6.99
Canti Merlot Sicilia Igt 75Cl £5.99
Canti Pinot Grigio Veneto Igt Rose 75Cl £5.99
Vina Albali Tempranillo 75Cl £5.99
Vina Albali Tempranillo Rose 75Cl £5.99
Big Kahuna Red 75Cl £5.49
Inycon Vineyard Selection Chardonnay Pinot Grigio 75Cl £4.99
Inycon Vineyard Selection Shiraz 75Cl £4.99
Leopard’s Leap Lookout Red 75 Centilitre £4.99
Leopard’s Leap Lookout White 75 Centilitre £4.99
First Cape Rose 75Cl £4.79
First Cape White 75Cl £4.79
J P Chenet Blanc 75Cl £4.79
J P Chenet Rose 75Cl £4.79
J P Chenet Rouge 75Cl £4.79
Merlot Pinot Grigio White 75Cl £4.79