Tesco are selling Medal of Honor for the PS3 and XBox 360 from the 15th October 2010, but instead of buying Medal of Honor from Tesco, why not order from Amazon and getting it delivered the next day?

Order Medal of Honor

Tesco are currently offering Medal of Honorfor £28.00 when you buy three months XBox Live Gold membership for £14.90, so if you already have membership then its not a great deal. Pre-order from Amazon for £35.91 on the PS3 and £35.91 on the XBox 360. When you pre-order Medal of Honor from Amazon, you also get a price promise that if the price for Medal of Honor goes down between now and the release date, you’ll be charged the lowest price.

Instead of having to drive to your local Tesco store to queue up and buy Medal of Honor at the Tesco checkout, pre-order now and get it delivered to your door on the day of release.

Compare prices for Medal of Honor at Tesco

The Tesco in store price of £28 for Medal of Honor means you’ll also have to pay £14.90 for 3 months ox XBox Live Gold to get the discount price. Add in the cost of driving to your nearest Tesco superstore and the amount you save on Medal of Honor is probably wiped out, expecially if you don’t want 3 months Gold membership to qualify for the Medal of Honor special offer price from Tesco. Pre-order and buy now from Amazon.