Every Little Helps,  and Tesco are helping out with some half price Christmas toys that you can store away for a few months. The tesco toy sale gets you half price offers on selected lines from the Tesco toy range.

Click here for Tesco Toy offers

Here’s just a sample of the toys available from Tesco at half price

  • In My Pocket Puppy Pet Palace with 20 Puppies, now £20
  • Disney Princess Shoes, now £17.50
  • Little MIss Sunshine Doll, now £30
  • New Bright Velocity Buggy, now £15
  • Transformers Optimus Prime Leader, now £22.50
  • Eeyor Giant Plush, now £10

There are many more toys available from the tesco half price sale for your kids and friends to enjoy now, or you can save them for Christmas gifts. Get your Tesco half price toys now before they run out.