Great deals for Christmas with half price offer on Baileys from Tesco and To get half price Baileys from Tesco you have to spend at least £30 and that doesn’t include the costs of the Baileys.

Click here for the Tesco Half Price Baileys offer

If you’re after Christmas booze, then why not get your half price Baileys from Tesco and get their other offers on wine and beer at the same time. Tesco have 2 for £15 on beer, and 3 for £12 on selected wines so, thats very nearly the £30 you need to get your Tesco half price Baileys. Add in a few packs of Pringles and you’ve got the £30 sorted. Add in the half price Baileys from tesco and you’re stocked up for Christmas.

  • Baileys Hazelnut Flavour
  • Baileys Original
  • Baileys Coffee

All half price from Tesco when you spend £30 in store and online from using the link above.