You can buy the award-winning Louis Delaunay Champagne for just £8 from Tesco. This deal gets you a bottle for less than half the normal price and is only available while stocks last.

The better than half price deal on Louis Delaunay Champagne is limited to a maximum of 12 bottles per purchase and only while stocks last. If you really love this champagne and want to stock up for a party there’s nothing to stop you from going back again or visiting another store if your local Tesco has sold out. You can buy this offer online but they may have sold out by the time they get round to picking your order from the supermarket shelves. Best bet is to pop to your local store and stock up on the £8 bottles of Louis Delaunay Champagne.

The original price of a 75cl bottle of Louis Delaunay Champagne is £25.99 so at £8 a bottle its sure to be snapped up quickly. There have been regular price drops  from £25.99 down to £12.99 over the year but nothing like £8 a bottle. Buy some Louis Delaunay Champagne from Tesco today!