Tesco Beer £7

Just in time for the New year celebrations, you can now get a pack of beer for £7 at Tesco. You have to be over 18 for this offer and there’s a maximum of 6 cases per person, and at £7 a case you’ll want to get as many as possible.

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The £7 beer offer frm tesco ends on the 31st December 2010, so get yours now before they run out of the most popular brands.

Which beers can you get for £7 at Tesco ?

  • Magners Pear Cider ~ £7 for 8x568ml bottles
  • Guniess Draught ~ £7 for 10x440ml cans
  • Stella Artois ~ £7 for 15x284ml bottles
  • Fosters ~ £7 for 15x440ml cans
  • Strongbow ~ £7 for 15x440ml cans
  • Boddingtons ~ £7 for 15x440ml cans
  • Budweiser ~ £7 for 12x440ml cans
  • Budweiser ~ £7 for 15x300ml bottles
  • Carling @ £715x440ml cans
  • Carlsberg ~ £7 for 15x440ml cans
  • John Smiths Extra Smooth ~ £7 for 15x440ml cans
  • Magners Original ~ £7 for 8x568ml bottles
  • Carlsberg Export ~ £7 for 18x275ml bottles
  • Becks ~ £7 for 15x275ml bottles
  • Stella Artois ~ £7 for 12x440ml cans
  • San Miguel ~ £7 for 15x275ml bottles

Remember to drink responsibly! These beer offers at Tesco are available until close of busines son the 31st December 2010 but they’ll be selling out fast.

This review was posted on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 and the offer details may have changed or ended since writing or updating. Check the company website for up to date information on offers.

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