Tesco Beer OffersEvery little helps, especailly when it comes to beer. Tesco are now selling 3 crates of beer for £20, or 2 cases for £16.

There’s a maximum of 6 cases per customer, and you can also get this offer online, saving you a trip to your local Tesco store and having to carry these heavy cases around.

Add in your normal shopping to the beer offer and get £10 off the cost, making the 3 crates of beer just £10 ! Amazing value.

Obviously this is subject to responsible drinking, but why shouldn’t you take advantage of the Tesco beer offer and drink them over a long period of time. No need for drunken idiots to spoil the rest of us getting a good deal on Tesco beer.


Which beers can you get in the Tesco Beer Offer ?

  • Stella Artois 18 x 284 ml
  • John Smiths Extra Smooth 15 x 440 ml
  • Strongbow 15 x 440ml
  • Carsberg 15 x 440ml
  • Budweiser 15 x 300ml
  • Fosters 15 x 440ml

The Tesco beer offer ends on the 3rd October so get shopping on your local store or online.