Assassins Creed Brotherhood at TescoLike other recent releases we’re expecting Tesco to have a special offer on Assassins Creed Brotherhood when it is released at midnight on the 19th November. Tesco have run special offers on previous big releases where you get a discounted price on Assassins Creed Brotherhood when you spend a certain amaount in store or when you buy another XBox 260 or PS3 game at the full price, or get a PS3 or Xbox live membership.

While no firm details have been released by Tesco, you can expect the stand alone price to be around the same as Amazon at £36.99 which is a great price if you don’t want to make the trip to your local tesco to stand in line for Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Pre-order from Amazon today and get their price guarantee, and get Assassins Creed Brotherhood on release day when you selected free first class delivery at the checkout.

This page will be updated with the latest info on the special offer on Assassins Creed Brotherhood from Tesco. Assassins Creed Brotherhood will also be available from the likes of Sainsburys and Asda at special offer prices when you buy other games or trade games in. We prefer to pre-order from Amazon and get it delivered direct to the office.