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Free phone, minutes and texts from just £15 a month from in the Daily Star. On top of that you get 10% off your line rental every month on certain price plans. What phones are available for free on price plans from £15 a month?

  • Samsung U800
  • Nokia 5800
  • Samsung Pixon Silver
  • Sony Ericsson C905
  • Nokia N97
  • Sony EricssonW595
  • T-Mobile G1 ~ £5 for unlimited internet
  • Phone list from

The phones above are free on the Combi price plans below on 18 month contract. The Samsung Pixon Silver comes with a free 8GB memory card if you sign up for the combi plan before the end of May

  • £15 a month ~ 100 minutes & 100 texts
  • £20 a month ~ 200 minutes & 200 texts
  • £25 a month ~ 300 minutes & 300 texts
  • £30 a month ~ 700 minutes & unlimited texts
  • £31.50 a month ~ 800 minutes & unlimited texts
  • £36 a month ~ 1000 minutes & unlimited texts
  • Price plans from

If you want unlimited texts on the Combi 30, 35, or 40 plans, you have to sign up before the end of June 2009

This review was posted on Monday, March 30th, 2009 and the offer details may have changed or ended since writing or updating. Check the company website for up to date information on offers.

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