Sainsburys are now selling 2 bottles of selected spirits for just £25, or £15 each. These festive spirit deals are available until Christmas Eve, and while stocks last.

Why not buy your 2 for £25 spirits online at and get your Christmas groveries at the same time? It saves you lots of time, and you’ll avoid the crowds. Which spirits can you get in the 2 for £25 deal from Sainsburys?

  • Southern Comfort 70cl
  • Bacardi Superior Rum 1ltr
  • Bells Whisky 1ltr
  • Smirnoff red Vodka 1ltr
  • Jack Daniels 70cl
  • Gordons Gin 1ltr
  • Baileys Original Irish Cream 1ltr
  • Baileys Hazelnut Irish Cream 1ltr
  • Morgan’s Spice 1ltr
  • Cointreau 7ocl

There’s a limit of 6 bottles of spirits per customer in the Sainsburys 2 for £25 deal, but if you;re stocking up the drinks cabinet, there’s nothing to stop you going to another store, or taking someone else with you. Drink responsibly, and make sure you have a nice Christmas rather than being blind drunk.