Buy Gran Turismo 5 from Sainsburys from November 5th and to get a decent price, you’ll probably have to spend £30 on groceries at the same time. Instead of getting Gran Turismo 5 from Sainsburys, why not order from Amazon and get it delivered on release day and avoid the hassle of going to the shops and possibly being dissapointed if they’re out of stock.

Pre-order from Amazon and you get the benefit of their pre-order price guarantee. Ifth eprice drops between ordering and release, you pay the lowest amount. Avoid the drive to Sainsburys, the £30 of shopping, the queing and the risk of finding the game out of stock. Pre order Gran Tourismo 5 from Amazon and let the postman deliver on release day.

Compare prices for Gran Turismo 5 at Sainsburys

The Sainsburys price for Gran Turismo 5 will probably be similar to their FIFA 11 promotion where you have to spend around £30 to get the lower price for Gran Turismo 5. When you add in the time and cost of driving to your nearest Sainsburys store and the amount you save on for Gran Turismo 5 is probably wiped out, expecially if you don’t want to spend £30 to qualify for the for Gran Turismo 5 special offer price from Sainsburys. Pre-order and buy now from Amazon.