If you’re and Orange mobile customer then you can also get the UK’s best broadband and calls deal. If you’re not an Orange customer, you’ll have to pay £5 extra, so switch over to Orange mobile first.

The Orange broadand and calls deal gets you unlimited downloads with speeds of up to 20mb, and unlimited off-peak UK landline calls.  The first 3 months are free, and there’s no connection fees to be paid when you switch over from the likes of BT or Sky.

You can get this great deal for just £7.50 a month if you’re an Orange mobile customer in an Orange network area, or £12.50 for everyone else. Like the latest BT deal on broadband and calls, its an 18 month contract. If you live outside of an Orange network area you have to pay £10 extra, so check you can get an Orange signal before you sign up.

Whn you get this great deal, you’ll also be happy to hear that you’ll be getting their best price forever. If Orange lower the price of the broadband and call plan that you’re on, then your price will match it.