of energy price rises of around 20% may have you wondering where it will all stop so now could be a good time to cap your energy bills with the energy price tariff.

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The energy plan is the cheapest capped energy deal available at the moment (15/6/2011) so now is the time to switch to npowr and cap your bills. The ‘cheapest capped energy’ claim is based on a dual fuel plan, direct debit payment and  typical average energy consumption of 3,300kwh electricity and 16,500kwk of gas.

If you cap your energy bills with your bills will be capped at the standard off-line prices as on 15th June 2011 and will remain at these prices until the end of July 2012 at wich point they will revert to the prevailing standard off-line energy prices. If you decide to cancel your account before the end of July 2012 you’ll have to pay a £20 fee for each fuel type. The deal is abuject to availability and could be removed at any time by npower, so if it looks attractive, then now is the time to switch to

If your going to switch to npower then you should also factor in their hometeam 50 deal where you can get 50% cashback on your boiler repair cover. You pay £16 a month for boiler and central heating cover, but if you don;t call them out for a repair during the 12 month contract, npower give you 50% cashback. The hometeam deal also includes an annual boiler service and safety check. If you assume that you won’t call them out, then you get an annual boiler service and safety check for £72 which is probably the same as you’d be charged by a local plumber. If you do call npower out to repair your boiler, the repair will cost you nothing as the deal includes unlimited call outs, including parts and labour.

If that sounds good, then the only thing to know is that you have to get your gas and electricity from npower to get the 50% cashback. Luckily you can switch to the capped energy deal frm and get a good deal on your energy at the same time. Switch now using the link above.