your energy company giving you money back? It may seem strange for an energy company to be giving you cashback but thats exactly what npower are doing with the and specal offers.

Npower will pay £96 directly into your bank account if you don’t call them out to fix your boiler during the 12 months of your or specal offer contract. Sign up to the npower hometeam 50 central heating care package for just £16  a month and you’ll get £96 paid directly into your bank account if you don’t call them out during the 12 month contract.

To get the 50% cashback deal you have to be an gas and electricity customer by the end of the or contract. You can sign up for the hometeam 50 deal now, and then sign up for gas and electricity at any point in the next 12 months.

Cashback is all well and good, but what does the hometeam 50 central heating care package include? The and offers include an annual boiler service and safety check, unlimited call outs including parts and labour. Thats a £0 fixed price per repiar job! Any repairs are guaranteed for 12 months and if you have to make a call to them, its a UK based call center witha 24 hour a day helpline. value for money

Even if you’re not an npower gas and electricity customer the and deals are great value at £192 a year. As you should already be getting a boiler service every year, the approximate cost for an unlimited £0 fixed rate repair service for your boiler and central heating is £117 assuming the boiler service and safety check costs around £75.

If your boiler is in a good state, the chances are that you won’t need to call the npower team to fix it, so you could get £96 back and a well serviced and safe boiler. The and offers provide great value for moeny which you should seriously consider buying today.