Its movie week at ASDA and you can make some great savings on DVDs and Blue Ray movies all week long. There are some big movie releases this week, with The Twighlight Saga ~ Eclipse, Shrek Forever After, and Inception. Eclipse is very well priced at £8.97, with Shrek and Inception both at £9.97 but you’ll have to be quick as these are bound to sell out.

If you can’t get to your local ASDA or you don’t want to then why not buy online from Amazon and let them deliver to your door. Amazon have the same prices as ASDA or a few pence cheaper, and you;ll get free delivery.

Also on offer in the ASDA movie Week are Shutter ISland for just £5, and a couple of exclusive promotional DVDs; The Real World of Twighlight, and Shrek The Halls, also availabel in ASDA Movie Week for £5. Theer are many more movies deals to be had from ASDA and Amazon.