Morrisons Beer Offer ~ 3 for £20

Get down to Morrisons today and pick up 3 crates of beer for just £20! You can only buy a maximum of 6 cases, but that should do for most people. If you want buy online, you’ll have to see the 3 for £18 beer offers from ASDA as you can’t buy online from Morrisons. There’s nothing to stop you going back later on to pick up more if you’ve already got your 6 crates. Just pick a different till, or get another family member to get the beer in!

You’ll have to be quick with this one as it ends soon. What can you get for £20 ~ 3 cases from

  • John Smiths Extra Smooth ~ 12 x 440ml cans
  • Carling  ~ 12 x 440ml cans
  • Beck’s ~  18 x 275ml bottles
  • Strongbow Cider ~ 12 x 440ml cans

Drink responsibly and make sure you can remember the night before without a massive hangover! Don’t drink and drive ~ if you do, you’re a muppet and deserve everything you get drinkaware.co.uk

This review was posted on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 and the offer details may have changed or ended since writing or updating. Check the company website for up to date information on offers.

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5 Responses to “Morrisons Beer Offer ~ 3 for £20”

  1. m dwyer on #

    went to buy 3 for £20 at york branch foss islands only to be told it did not apply to them, selected stores only. nowhere on this advert does it say selected stores only.

  2. g mills on #

    hi u should have a larger selection of beers on offer 3 20 quid u should boddingtons / stella/ guinness i think then u will sell more and get moneyies thank u gary

  3. satty singh on #

    all i can say is good value.

  4. keith on #

    Is your offer still on for your beer offer.? When does it end.?

  5. B on #

    I went to morrisons in Stranraer for j smiths ,in the Scottish sun today it was 3 for £20 i was charged 3 for £21 ,and told that the deal was only in England ,they had a disclaimer on at £7 for 12 ,the manager said that is was mistake in the sun is aid that it was on the net @ 3 for £20 ,he said that he would check it out I still had to pay £42 for 6 cases ,I am not bothered about £2 extra ,it is the principal of being mislead by the ad on the net ,plus the ad in the Scottish sun ,he said that it was the fault of the sun has it was too late to stop the ad ,I said the the sun did not put the ad on the Internet ,is it so that the offer only applies to England ?