Buy any camera over £60 and get 30 free prints a month for a year. This offer from Tesco is for 30 free 4″ x 6″ prints a month for 12 months. This offer isn’t any good if you’re paying too much for your camera, osits good to see that Tesco are delivering good prices and discounts.

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The Fujifilm JV160 was £119.97 but now just £79.97, the JZ300 was £159.97 now £119.97, and the Z70 was £96.97 now £86.97

Before you rush off to Tesco to get these cameras or any other from the Tesco range, check out  the prices on offer from Amazon to see if tTesco are givign you a great offer.

  • The JV160 is a great price at £79.97 from Tesco
  • Z70 is a better price from Amazon at £79.99 but with no free prints.
  • JZ300 is £102 with free delivery from Amazon