the complete broadband deal from BT with 3 months for free with the special offer. This amazing value deal from BT gets even better of you buy online as you get 4 months for free instead of the 3 month deal if you buy the deal over the phone.

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The deal gets you 4 months for free, and after that you’ll be paying just £13 a month afte that for a compete broadband service. Here’s what you can get with the broadband deal;

  • Up to 20GB broadband
  • 10GB monthly allowance
  • BT Smart Wireless Home Hub
  • 2 million free wi-fi hotspots
  • 24/7 freephone customer support
  • McAfee Family Protection
  • Unlimited UK Evening & Weekend calls

The broadband deal offers superb value for money and its free for the first 4 months of your contract an £13 a month after that. The 4 months free deal is an online exclusive which you can buy now using the link above.

If you need a bigger download allowance or weekday call time than the deal offers, then you can upgrade your deal to include more broadband, and more calls for a small extra charge. BT also offer some great deals on BT Vision which would complement the deal perfectly. Buy this deal now using the link above.

If you;re lucky enough to live in a BT Infinity area you can upgrade your special offer and get up to 40mb download speed and still get the 3 month free deal. The price of the deal does go up, but you get an even more complete broadband deal. Great value from BTY, buy now using the link above.,