Thanks to B&Q and British Gas you cannow get 70% off all Space Blanket products. Space Blanket insulaton is the easy and hassle free way to insulate your loft withou the itchy insulation rolls of old.

The 70% off deal is subsidised by the Carbin Emmissions Reduction Target, which is funded by your energy bills, so you’ve already paid for this and its a mistake to not to pay a bit more anf take advantage of the money you’ve already paid! If you already have insuraltion in your loft, why not top it up with more.

The recommneded depth is 270m, and the kingsize Space Blankets are ideal for rolling out in top of the rafters & other insulation. You can cover 4.5sqm in a few seconds, so its worth the trip to B&Q for the 70% off deal.

If my loft wasn’t already rammed full of the stuff from the last promotion, I wouldn’t be typing this in, I’d be driving off to B&Q before they sell out. get your Space Blanket Loft Insualtion now. For more deals on loft insualtion visit another of our website Loft Insulation Offers for similar deals from your local DIY shops