Get the award winning Pierre Darcye Brut Champagne for better than half price at ASDA. This deal means you can pick up a maximum of 6 bottle for £9.87 a bottle from ASDA while stocks last.

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Pierre Darcye Brut Champagne used to cost £23.98 at ASDA, but you can now save £14.11 a bottle at get it for £9.87 when you buy online (link above) or in store while stocks last. At better than half price, lots of others will being buying from ASDA, so buy yours now.

ASDA have a range of food and drink to help celebrate the Ney Year, so why not combine your half rice champgane deal with some food and buy it all online. Click on the link above and start shopping. ASDA will deliver your half price champagen and food direct to your door. No fuss, no hassle, so buy now.