ASDA are now selling a bottle of Jack Daniels, Glenfiddich, or Remy martin V.S.O.P for £18 each. ASDA have put a limit of 3 bottles maximum per person, and this deal is available online.

Click here for the £18 spirit offer

ASDA were previous selling these spirits at higher prices, so depending on which bottle you buy, you could be saving £11.97

Here’s the old prices, and the new ones until 6th December;

  • Jack Daniels 1ltr ~ was £27.45 now £18
  • Glenifddich Single Malt Whisky 70cl ~ was £27.97 now £18
  • Remy Mart V.S.O.P ~ was £29.97 now £18

At these price, ASDA will run out quickly so buy online using the link above and visit the grocery section and search for your spirit if choice.