Sainsburys are now selling 2 packs of beer for just £14 until the end of the year. Their packs of beer are normaly £9 each, so your saving yourself £4. Not a huge amount, but every little helps according to their competitor.

If you want an even better deal, then why not go for the 3 for £18 deal at ASDA and get an extra pack of beer for just £4 more. The Sainsburys deal of 2 for £14 is great is you only want 2 packs of beer, but you can always get the deal from ASDA and store the extra pack until the new year, when you;re bound to need more and the price will have gone back to £9.

The Sainsburys beer 2 for £14 is limited to 6 packs per person and only available while stocks last, so get yours while you still can. You’ll have to pay for online delivery frm Sainsburys and ASDA, but its worth it when you think about luggin 6 packs of beer around the supermarket. Why not save yourself some time and get your groceries online at the same time as your 2 for £14 offer or 3 for £18 at ASDA.